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Balancing rock, East Lyme

   The East Lyme Historical Society is happy to announce that our long awaited sequel to Scallop Shells and Granite Too is now available. Our new book, entitled Factories, Farms and Fishes Too: Historical Photographs of East Lyme Connecticut, contains over 225 photos chronicling the working life of East Lyme through the years.  While the book is similar in size and format to its out-of-print predecessor, the selection of photos is all new. The book sells for $20.

   The book may be purchased at the Thomas Lee House; the East Lyme Public Library, 39 Society Road, Niantic; the Town Clerk’s office at the East Lyme Town Hall, 108 Pennsylvania Avenue, Niantic; the East Lyme Police Department, 278 Main Street, Niantic; and the Book Barn, 41 West Main Street, Niantic. You may also make arrangements to purchase them directly, by emailing us at:

[email protected]

Last of the Nehantics

   The East Lyme Public Library has republished the book The Last of the Nehantics as a result of the Society's yearlong study of the Nehantic Indians. Originally written by Mrs. Jane T. (Hills) Smith in 1894, this booklet has been reprinted on a few occasions.  This version, whose publication was overseen by Corinne Weber and Richard Waterman, contains new photographs as well as updated information about descendants of the Nehantics, many of whom live among the tribes of Wisconsin. The book is available for $12.00.

    Also published in the past year is a new book about the Lee family, Early Lee Family of Lyme and East Lyme Connecticut.  This soft cover edition contains essays by Wilbur Beckwith, Historian for the East Lyme Historical Society, on several Lees, including Ensign Thomas Lee II, Mr. Justice Lee, William Lee, Colonel Stephen Lee, the Reverend Joseph Lee and his son the Reverend Jason Lee, and Captain Richard Lee. In addition, there are essays by Olive Tubbs Chendali on Daniel Smith, an indentured servant in the Lee household; by Richard Waterman on the slave holdings of the Lee family and on Ezra Lee and the submarine “Turtle”; and by Dr. James Mattie on Dr. Samuel Holden Parsons Lee. This volume sells for $15.00.

   Two more booklets, which cost $5.00 each are also available:

   The Thomas Lee House, East Lyme, Connecticut: A History and Description, by Celeste E. Bush and Norman Morrison Isham. The original article by Bush, “The Old Lee House”, was first published by the Society in 1917. A revised edition was printed in 1935, together with a description of the house by Isham, Architect and Fellow A.I.A., written in 1914. These articles were reprinted by the Society in 1963, with an Introduction and Postscript by William F. Saars, and have again been printed in 2008.

   The Thomas Lee House, East Lyme, Connecticut: An Architectural Report, by Cary Carson, with an Introduction by Norman B. Peck, Jr. This pamphlet is a result of research done by Carson, of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, along with researchers from Yale University. It provides very interesting insights into the history of this largely unimproved colonial-era building.

   These three volumes are available for purchase at the Thomas Lee House, or you may contact us for ordering information at:

[email protected]

   All proceeds from the sale of these volumes directly support the mission of the East Lyme Historical Society.